How to Better Monetize Your Website

Now that the Internet is in everyone’s back pocket, it’s not just about distinguishing your website from others. It is about “Conversions,” which are based on content and how much time visitors spend on your site. High traffic doesn’t mean much if the average visitor doesn’t take time to peruse your content, sign up for your services, buy your product or recognize your brand.

Building a functional website that’s easy to navigate is the first step. Then, you must make the site easy to find and build a presence. Eventually this presence drives demand. Once your website has been indexed, optimized and designed to be “crawler-friendly,” visitors will come.

The challenge then becomes getting them to stay and to take action — most readily in the form of clicks and/or purchases of one form or another. Most SEO and website design experts lean on original content to fulfill the task of getting visitors to stay longer. It’s certainly a viable avenue, but it isn’t the only option, nor should it be.

In addition to original content, adding videos to your site is quite useful. Videos, whether promotional, educational, entertaining, or something that just went viral, offer a level of appeal and engagement that’s difficult to match because it’s both visually stimulating and interactive. Good videos also drive conversions and page ranking. A new content-delivery platform called Ad Pad is a great way to keep a steady flow of original multimedia content on your website, along with your site visitors.

Ad Pad is a sleek and cutting-edge JavaScript platform that can be added to credible websites to drive conversions, increase time-on-site, i.e. “stickiness,” boost traffic and generate clicks. The platform is meant to resemble an iPad or iPhone, depending upon the platform chosen. The primary platform, the Ad Pad, is a black and gray viewer with a clean and fresh user-friendly interface that is launched from an IAB complaint 300X250 square launcher, an IAB compliant triangle launcher or an IAB compliant toolbar launcher situated wherever the publisher chooses, and is a reliable source of breaking news, videos, local deals, sports, entertainment and more. In addition, the developers of the Ad Pad, a company named Klickthru, also offer a Mobile solution called the InfaCube for companies who publish and advertise via today’s vast mobile networks. The InfaCube is a four-sided, three-dimensional cube that is user-manipulated and may be spun around (left or right) to view news, local deals, sports or videos.

The Ad Pad, as well as the other platforms, have a wealth of content from tier 1 publishers like the AP, The New York Daily News, Groupon and Unration. It is designed to capture, engage and entertain visitors so that they never want leave your website, effectively keeping users on your site longer and in turn driving conversions and revenue. If you’re interested in adding the Ad Pad to your website to help increase visitor time, i.e. “Stickiness,” through fresh, engaging content that increases conversions and drives revenue, visit



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