Top 5 Free Hosting Providers

Top Free hosting providers you can easily host your sites.

1. Heroku

Heroku provides a secure, enterprise-grade platform for organizations of any size. We regularly perform audits and maintain PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC compliance to further strengthen our trust with customers. Heroku is mostly used free hosting provider. Some of the features and its plans are given below:

  • CLI Support
  • Regularly update the system
  • Deployable with Git and Docker
  • Allows choosing your domain.
  • Heroku gives you control over your customer data and which region it’s stored and ensures it remains private.

2. Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare Pages is a JAMstack platform for frontend developers to collaborate and deploy websites.

  • Developer-focused with effortless Git integration.
  • Advanced collaboration built-in with unlimited seats.
  • Unmatched performance on Cloudflare’s edge network.
  • Dynamic functionality through integration with Cloudflare Workers.
  • Allow 500 builds/month.
  • Integrating CDN for web projects.
  • No bandwidth limit.

3. Hostman

A Hosting platform that deploys your web applications. Hostman lets you launch your apps in a few clicks using a friendly interface. The pricing is fair and transparent. Works on top of AWS and DigitalOcean.

  • Deploy website with CDN service.
  • Free SSL-certificate.
  • Allows creating 3 websites.
  • Can rollbacks to previous versions.
  • Automatically build from Git.
  • 100GB/month of bandwidth.
  • Automatically build from Git.
  • Deployed on the global edge network.
  • Bandwidth: 100GB/Month.
  • The number of websites: Unlimited.
  • Restorable to any version. Provides a free CLI.

5. GitHub Pages

Features of the free plan:

  • The website may be up to 1GB in size.
  • Bandwidth: 100Gb per month.
  • You can set your own domain name for your website via CNAME.
  • There is support for HTPPS on the website.

These are five free hosting providers for free. I tried and discover all of these. It’s completely free for beginners.

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